Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Led Manville 3D Logos

I've been experimenting with a new rendering engine and the results are quite good, render times are very decent compared to other softwares and works fairly well, specially on metals and reflections.

Here are some examples of what i've been doing latelly with my logo. Hope you like them :)

Led Manville Carbon Logo 01
Carbon Logo 01

Led Manville Cristal Logo
Cristal Logo

Led Manville Carbon Logo with Glass
Carbon Logo with Glass

Led Manville Carbon Logo 02
Carbon Logo 02

Led Manville Metallic Paint Logo on Landscape
Metallic Paint Logo on Landscape

Led Manville Metal with Holes Logo
Metal with Holes Logo

Led Manville Brushed Metal Logo
Brushed Metal Logo

Led Manville Metallic Logo
Metallic Logo

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