Friday, April 25, 2014

DJ Led Manville at Resistanz 2014 Pictures

Back in Madrid from Resistanz - International Industrial Music Festival 2014 in Sheffield (UK). All I can say it was fucking awesome!!! Thanks to everyone there, you are all amazing, it was so nice to see many of you again since 2009, and all the new friends, fans, DJs and bands i was able to meet for the first time, all unexpected good news this amazing weekend gave me (yes, you will know some of them soon). My special thanks and my eternal gratitude to my bro Kev Gahan and Dark Asylum Radio, so nice to see you again to share this fantastic weekend, it was time. Of course thanks to Leighton James-Thompson for his brilliant organization at Resistanz and for being such a nice guy, this festival deserves all the best. Long life Resistanz!! Already looking forward for Resistanz 2015.

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