Friday, December 26, 2014

Listen to DJ Led Manville - Versus Satanicus VI (2014)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Chapter number 6 of the Satanicus series is here. Recorded from March to October 2014. Enjoy it!! ;)

"Each song is the result of mixing 2 songs playing from their begining to their end. No song was altered previously. All necessary adjustments were done during live mixing. No song was injured during the recording of this album ;)"

01 Alphaville versus Aesthetische - I Die For You Today By A Stab
02 Steril versus Torul - Show Me Your City When I Get Closer
03 Die Antwoord versus Chemical Brothers - Hey Pitbull Terrier
04 Peter Murphy versus Infected Mushroom & Astrix - All Night Long On Mushrooms
05 VNV Nation versus Crash Course In Science - Aeroscope Cardboard Lamb (2nd version)
06 Electrovot versus Xenturion Prime - Makrowave Saving My Soul
07 SAM versus Grid - Mad As Hell Rollercoaster
08 Alien Vampires versus Die Sektor - Follow The Screams Fuck Off And Die
09 Destroid versus The Whip - Blackout With Lucretia, My Reflection
10 Eurythmics versus VNV Nation - Sweet Dreams On Radius 2
11 Front 242 versus Machinista - Take Comfort In WYHIWYG
12 Soman versus Advance - Divine Weapon
13 Laibach versus Ministry - Over The Shoulder Tanz
14 VNV Nation versus Crash Course In Science - Aeroscope Cardboard Lamb
15 Konzept versus Studio-X Vs. Simon Carter - Hypnautic Love Changes Everything
16 The Invincible Spirit versus Seelennacht - Contact Gone With The Rain
17 Visage versus Front 242 - Neurodancer Fade To Grey

Versus Satanicus VI - Front
Versus Satanicus VI - Inlay
Versus Satanicus VI - Back
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