Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Follow me on tsū

I have a new profile at the New Social Network, tsū

I have joined up with the social network Tsū, a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of its revenue with its users and precisely that is exactly why Facebook does not want this network to grow – at least not via Facebook. As a result they made an update so its impossible to link to a Tsū link from FB, claiming it’s for security purposes.

Important to know, to join the platform you need to be invited, and that's what I am doing now, inviting you, just follow this link:

So how does this payment model exactly work? Tsū literally shares 90% of its profits with the users,
for any type of content, size of network or level of influence as long as it’s original content. Users have the ability to transfer funds from their bank to other friends, charities or members. So for those who want to show off their own pictures and music, or just want to share great content, this is a network to be part of, and in the meantime earn also a few pennies here and there. Users can also receive a check for their earned revenue once their bank reaches $100. But if you are only going to post crappy content, then Tsū is not for you.

It’s not the payment part however that makes it the most interesting on the long run according to us. The biggest advantage, besides a non-abusive and open approach by the platform towards its members is its profile/page reach. As we all know the reach of a Facebook page right now is kept on purpose abysmally low (in order for you to buy reach that is to reach the people you already have paid for to add to your page in the first place). If you currently have 10.000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, you may be glad to reach 600 people with a single post.

All your posts are visible to everyone who follows your page. Wasn’t that why we all started liking a page on Facebook so that we would get updates from that page in our newsfeed? So for artists who want to build up a following on this social network, there is a huge potential as far as reach is concerned once you have gathered fans for your profile/page.

Since you can only join up by invitation, here’s the link to follow in order to sign up. Just click ‘Join’ and complete the registration. Users who spam or post inappropriate content will be banned in order to preserve the community, so only sign up if you want to play the game correctly.

Follow me on Tsū at (and sign up there too) and with some luck we can start an interesting project there!

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