Friday, July 29, 2016

Listen to End:troduction 001: Led Manville - END: the DJ Tag Set (2016)

End:troduction 001: Led Manville - END: the DJ Tag Set (2016) by DJ Led Manville and END: The DJ on Mixcloud

*DEBUT!* A new mix set series where I tag with the other fantastic DJs to bring a united presentation for your dancing pleasure! For the premiere, a man who needs NO introduction: DJ LED MANVILLE [Spain]. For me Led is legendary for giving us dark electronic dance for decades now. It is an honour to team up with him once more for a very fun & highly energetic set we both hope you'll love! Turn this one up, dance & share! Remember to check out the tracklist and look for these amazing artists' other works!
Led's tracks: 1-11
END's tracks: 12-21
01 Led Manville - Led Intro (FCMP-Demon dance)
02 Deathline Int'l - Eisbär (BhamBhamHara Mix)
03 Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round 2003 (Marc Moore Remix)
04 Junksista - Naked Wet Hot (Dimension Flux Mix)
05 Aesthetic Perfection - Schadenfreude
06 Noise Unit - Bahnhof
07 Funker Vogt - Hard Way (No Rules Mix)
08 The Invincible Spirit - Contact
09 Child From The Crypt - Last One
10 Time Modem - The Time Of The Gathering
11 Stahlnebel And Black Selket - Die Zeit
12 Mental Discipline - Follow You Behind (Instrumental mix)
13 Noisuf-X - Spieltanz
14 Sirus - You Are Hollow
15 Headshock - Reality Sock
16 Reaper - Der Schnitter (by Skyla Vertex)
17 Industriegebiet - Are You Ready (to Rock)
18 Icon Of Coil - Headhunter
19 Circuito Cerrado - Tu Alma
20 Chainreactor - Kick Ass
21 Xotox - Industrial Madness

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