Friday, January 04, 2013

What I did in 2012 (Project Summary)

Well, 2012 finished and i'm taking a look back to all i've done during this past year. This list is to remind me that it was very productive in many aspects :)

At the beginning of the year I created the Mixcloud account and started to add DJ sets to it.

    New from 2012:

        Archive from previous years (more will come in 2013, earlier ones):

          Also 2012 was a year to start collaboration with the german music magazine Nachtplan. So, every two months I'm recording a 60 minutes DJ set for them, which can be accessed from the magazine or party flyers using QR codes. These sets are the Nachtplan Tanz series:
          Video production for 2012 was very interesting too, rich and sometimes challenging. I had the pleasure to count on many occasions with the invaluable assistance of Ronny and Rita with video images and I think the result was fantastic, thanks:

          About remixes for other bands. This year i had to delay or cancel many of them due to work, so... only a few could be done and will be released during 2013, you will have news about them ;) I've started to accept remixing requests after this stop. Finally, at the end of the year sees the light after years of being just an idea in my head, and here I am. I hope that it was not too late, lol.
          Well, briefly this is what i've been doing this past year, on the musical side. Not that bad at the end, considering my other half life :)

          Now it's time to look forward and see what 2013 has prepared for us.

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